Our offer

dmt Software Solutions Ltd. creates dedicated solutions for payment terminals and mobile devices and ensures success in fulfilling your highest expectations in line with your company’s philosophy and IT environment.

We provide complete solutions (products and services) to create, implement and develop systems of payment terminals, mobile devices and cards. Fields in which we operate include:

  • creating software for payment terminals and pin-pads of the leading brands (we work closely, among others, with VeriFone and Ingenico),
  • creating client software for mobile devices (Android, iOS),
  • creating server systems for client applications in cooperation with dmt Software House LLC,
  • sale and delivery of VeriFone and Ingenico payment terminals,
  • sale and delivery of electronic and magnetic stripe plastic cards,
  • creating software for smart cards,
  • service and support for our products,
  • installing, integrating and start-up of solutions,
  • user training,
  • outsourcing and operator services with cooperation with our associate, eSourcing JSC.

We offer our skills and experience to create for our clients extensive systems for various applications of payment terminals or mobile equipment in fields such as finance, banking, retailing, services, healthcare, distribution, logistics, FMCG itd. To name just a few:

  • Electronic payment systems, including:
    • bank card payments (e.g. VISA, MasterCard),
    • private card payments,
    • fuel or fleet card payments, either private or international (UTA, DKV, BZA, Eurowag etc.)
  • Clearing systems to be applied, for instance, in:
    • handling payment acceptance and settlement for utility bill payments,
    • providing access to basic banking services, such as transfers (including priority transfers), setting up savings accounts, checking balances and printing simple statements of operations, etc.,
    • handling commercial loans and consumer credits,
    • handling factoring and leasing services,
    • handling VAT refund (tax-free transactions),
    • worktime tracking,
    • registration and settlement of style and frequency of use of membership cards (e.g. sports centres, cultural centres, educational institutions or health care centres),
    • campus card programs.
  • Loyalty and incentive programs, including:
    • handling all kinds of loyalty programs with use of cards, terminals and client mobile devices,
    • advertising and coupon programs,
    • using payment terminals as an advertising channel.
  • Sales support systems, including:
    • point-of-sale and storage software for small businesses,
    • payment systems for prepaid services (eg. for mobile phones),
    • systems for ordering, registration and tracking of shipments,
    • management of central warehouse with good scattered among many points of sale.
  • The undeniable advantages of our systems include, in particular:
    • safety ensured by sophisticated cryptographic systems, including hardware-supported systems (pin-pads, secure access modules, HSM devices – with relevant certificates)
    • remarkable stability of terminal-based solutions,
    • extremely high performance of trading solutions,
    • flexibility and scalability with a possibility of development of solutions in any direction, for instance, development of a loyalty system into the functionality of a complete CRM solution,
    • system ergonomics guaranteed by maximum usability,
    • systems’ low maintenance cost thanks to their stability,
    • adaptability to customer’s IT infrastructure,
    • application of server solutions in the form of mass capacity systems in cooperation with our associate, eSourcing JSC,
    • optional outsourcing of an outcome product, in cooperation with our associate, eSourcing JSC.

We trust that with our mutual commitment and expertise, we can create sophisticated, modern and profitable solutions. Come on board!

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