About Us

dmt Software Solutions offers its customers the experience, enthusiasm and knowledge necessary to create extensive systems for payment terminals of the leading brands. Our partners include VeriFone and Ingenico.
The company has been established in 2004 and since then our specialists have completed a number of significant IT projects for payment terminals in Europe and Africa. dmt Software Solutions in cooperation with dmt – Software House LLC offers premium, high capacity transaction processing systems (mass capacity systems). dmt – Software House builds highly efficient server systems compatible with our payment terminal software.

Excellent skills of our guarantees success in every IT project. Our top specialists ensure the highest quality of service, for not only do they excel in ICT, but also they possess wide knowledge of business processes. Therefore, together we can create IT solutions that will not only help you handle your business activities but that will bring tangible benefits.

dmt Software Solutions excels in the field of:

  • clearing and authorisation systems,
  • security systems, encryption methods and key management,
  • standards of communication protocols used in payment systems,
  • implementing all the communication tools used by payment terminals,
  • identity card technology, including electronic ID cards – contact and proximity chip cards,
  • payment cards, both for closed implementations and standard payment systems, including VISA, MasterCard,
  • NFC-based solutions,
  • hardware platforms, operating systems and programming environments provided by the leading payment terminal manufacturers, such as VeriFone and Ingenico,
  • mobile technologies (iOS and Android apps for mobile devices).

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